Most types of virtual horse racing are fundamentally different to real life racing and there is often discussion as to whether there is any real value in tipping on virtual horse racing. Is there any benefit to be gained by studying the form and analyzing factors to determine the most likely outcome? The answer to this depends on the virtual racetrack you choose to bet on.

The best known virtual racetracks of Portman Park, Steepledowns and Sprintvalley are shown in local bookmakers' offices throughout the afternoon and evenings, via SIS, seven days a week. These virtual races are graphical simulations of a lucky numbers draw and the odds displayed reflect the number of times the selection is represented and therefore the chances of it being drawn. Just like any other lottery game, the likelihood of winning is based on pure chance. The same applies to bookmakers' generic virtual racecourses used on their websites. In this type of virtual racing, form has no real meaning and therefore tipping is not relevant.

Not all virtual racetracks operate in this manner, however. The notable exception is the virtual racetrack at Newturf. Here, while the racehorses may be virtual, the owners, trainers and jockeys are real and this brings a human element to the results. One jockey may be better than another, one trainer more effective or an owner more experienced in placing his horses. This brings true meaning to form in virtual horse racing for the first time. This also means that persons who are knowledgeable about the racetrack and its participants could also provide information and judgement which could constitute virtual horse racing tips.